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Name Badge Company is your ideal partner for quality personalised name badges. The Name Badge Company offers an unbeatable selection of work name badges and we serve all aspects of business and industry.
Manufacturer of custom made name badges; our company offers beautiful and professional name badges for your organization. Our core mission is to deliver quality name badges at a great price. As part of that mission we highly focus on providing the best customer service that will meet all your order details and design requirements. Each employee deserves the same professionalism to everyone else. Work name badges will certainly give the employees such authority and proficiency. When customers and guests meet them, they will feel relax and can give your employees their trust and confidence. Nothing would every beat that 'first name' basis when dealing with your customers.
All of our name badges are made of polyurethane coating that makes it scratch proof and fade proof.

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Name Badge Company

Really great company so very helpful, great name badges provided.

Bobby Mason 5 30 October, 2011

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